Goodyear Home Prices recover from spring dip
By www-4salearizona-com October 09, 2019

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When we looked at this Goodyear chart back in May, I had real concerns about the big drop in the Median Sales Price from March to April. Well, it looks like those concerns may have been unfounded, as the median price jumped to an all-time high the next month, and has shown mostly year-over-year gains since then.

The Median Sales Price in Goodyear was $300,100 in Sep’19, up YoY from $290,000 in Sep’18 and $278,700 in Sep’17.

As much as I don’t love those wild variations in the chart, that’s what we get when we look at monthly sales in smaller cities: less data points = more variation. The good news is the overall trend is still pointed upwards nicely.

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