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Fountain Hills Pricing is down and up

by www-4salearizona-comSeptember 10, 2019

The Median Sales Price in Fountain Hills was $487,500 in August, down slightly YoY from $503,500 in Aug ‘18, but still higher than the $434,500 median price in Aug ‘17. The trend, however, is clearly upwards since the market’s bottom in 2010, with a few ups and downs along the way.

A couple interesting thoughts about this chart:

  • Fountain Hills does not have as much sales volume as some of the other cities, which leads to more volatility from month to month. This is why it’s a good idea to look at larger time bands (such as quarterly numbers) or longer time horizons (such as the trend since 2010.)
  • Fountain Hills is one of the few cities in the Valley which has not yet fully recovered back to the pricing levels from 2005 – 2006. Those who bought homes here in the peak might still be selling at a loss today. Patience, Fountain Hills. Patience.

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