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Phoenix prices are historically high

by www-4salearizona-comSeptember 04, 2019

Taking a look at the Median Sales Price in Phoenix since the turn of the century, there are a few things that jump off the page at me:

  • The current prices have reached all-time high levels.

  • The Boom and Bust years are clear to see, where the market was completely out of whack.

  • The trendline (appreciation rate) from the earlier years (2000 – 2004) showed the prices increasing at a slower pace than they have been recently.

  • The trendline from 2014 – current shows prices appreciating at a much faster clip – definitely faster than most peoples’ incomes have been rising over the same timeframe. Is this sustainable?

Sometimes I like taking a long-term look at the market to see how far prices have risen over the last couple decades. (But it also makes me wish I had bought a lot more property on the left-side of the timeline!)

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Glendale prices surge over the summer(Opens in a new browser tab)

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